Scandinvian Goaltending Academy work mainly with 3 different tracks to develop our goalies.

1. Private, Semi-private or group training

Our Private, Semi-private or group classes are session where we are on the ice with either 1 (Private), 2 (Semi-private) or Group (up to 4 goalies) together with an experienced goalie coach. At all of these sessions the goalie coach is able to better observe and help to develop each individual goalie and monitor their progress.

A private session is 1-1, and is a fantastic way to get detailed attention to your specific needs. The coach together with the goalie (and/or parents/coach) decide on what to work on, and specifically work on developing these skills at each session.

A semi-private is a 2-1 session where goalies engage with another goalie where they get detailed attention, but where the goalie also can see and learn from other goalies skills. This also allows the goalie to be really focused both when in net, skating etc but also to see other goalies use their skillsets and share ideas, techniques etc as each goalie all have different strong sides and individual ways to react to different situations.

A group is a form of training that allows goalies to engage in sessions with other goalies who have similar objectives, where you foster a culture of development, friendly and healthy competitive environment. Our coaches will be able to teach to the whole group, while also focusing on achieving personal development goals.

2. Team Training

Scandinavian Goaltending Academy also have the opportunity to bring the program to the team environment, in order to span the scope of training opportunities and ice available. Teamgoalies are able to take advantage of the many development possibilities SGA has to offer, as well as potentially reducing the cost as expensive ice costs are already covered. A collaborative approach is taken between team coaches and SGA, to customize a training program to best suit the specific needs of the goalie tandem. Different options include individual and technical skill development, mental game coaching, video and game review and more. Our Head Instructor Svein Atle Hagaseth also have extensive experience as both a Head Coach from Europe, as well as Assistant Coaching both in Europe and North America.

3. Camps

Scandinavian Goaltending Academy host own camps throughout the year during summer, and other school breaks throughout the year. These are both weekend camps, as well as 3-4 days camps with a specific content and theme each day. The SGA camps follow different themes like skating day, buttefly day, scramble and battle day etc to make sure we cover a full set of techniques needed to deliver as a goalie. This is combined with lectures, stretching, yoga but also with modern techniques like eye vision training by use of Dynavision and other solutions.

Our Head Instructor Svein Atle Hagaseth, has for the last 5 years also worked closely with other goalie coaches (NHL, AHL, NCAA goalie coaches) at their camps to make sure that there is a continuous development and sharing of ideas to make training and development modern and up-to-date.